OTR Sweet 16 Stockrisers Part III

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We were in the Atlanta-area over the weekend for the annual Sweet 16 presented by On The Radar Hoops. This has become the premier event in Georgia with clubs from each shoe-circuit present in addition to elite independents all facing-off under one roof at the Lakepoint Sports Complex.

With plenty of nationally recognized prospects taking the court, there was no shortage of star power in the building. But the platform also provided opportunity for the following under-the-radar gems to take advantage of the spotlight.


Solomon Washington (6’6/2022/Team Thad)

Washington didn’t have to score a single point to have a huge impact on the game. His defensive presence was that significant. A physically developed wing with strength, Solomon is an outstanding athlete that utilized all of his physical tools to harass opposing ballhandlers with full-court pressure and erase would-be layups with highlight-reel blocks. His motor simply did not stop and he absolutely takes pride in preventing the opposition from gaining any advantage, let alone allowing a basket. Offensively, Washington is an explosive finisher going off two legs and proved to be an outstanding lob-threat in transition. He crashed the offensive boards and cashed in with putbacks. Washington has entered our database as a 3-star prospect as an impact defender capable of guarding 3 different positions at the next level while being a high-level finisher that will continue to develop his skillset.


Ernest Udeh (6’9/2022/Southeast Elite)

If we could describe Ernest in a few words it would be “grown man”. Going about 6’9 – 6’10, Udeh is a physically imposing prospect that uses his combination of size, strength and athleticism to bully opponents in the paint. He easily dislodged defenders to establish position to create clean windows for entry passes before throwing down violent dunks. He gets off the ground quickly with 1 or 2 legs and doesn’t need a ton of space prior to elevating. For that reason Ernest projects to be a potent lob-threat as a roll-man at the next level. Defensively, Udeh provides good rim protection, has solid agility on the perimeter and rebounds outside of his frame. While he was unquestionably at his best as a rim-runner that finishes, he did flash a jump-hook over his left shoulder that may be a sign of things to come. Ernest has the look of a player that could be a double-double type player in a few years and has entered our watchlist as a 4-star prospect.


Amarr Knox (6’2/2022/Team Thad)

Speed is the name of the game for the Memphis commit. Amarr has superb first-step acceleration and straight line speed in the open court that allowed him to consistently blow by defenders off the bounce and finish at the rim. Off the ball, Knox was potent as a catch-and-shoot option from beyond the arch as he buried triple after triple. At his core, Amarr is a scoring lead-guard, but flashed some playmaking ability for others that bodes well for the future. Perhaps the best thing about the Memphis-native is upside. He’s not even close to scratching the surface of what he will ultimately become, but he’s already very productive. Knox will only get better as he adds muscle mass and continues to develop his skillset. The future guard for Penny Hardaway has debuted as a 4-star prospect on our 2022 watchlist.


Riley Kugel (6’5/2022/Southeast Elite)

This was our first live viewing of the jumbo-guard and we came away impressed. Kugel certainly passes the eye-test in the layup line at 6’5 with good length. Aside from elite positional size, Riley connected on pull-ups from both distance and midrange. The mechanics are good and he has good lift from his lower body. We were really impressed with his vision in the open-court, as he had several hit-ahead passes with precision accuracy that lead to easy dunks for teammates. With his combination of size + skill, Kugel can slot anywhere from the 1-3 spots at the college level and that’s what makes him an attractive prospect for us. Riley has entered our database as a 3-star prospect pending more evaluations this Summer.

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