OTR Sweet 16 Stockrisers Part II

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We were in the Atlanta-area over the weekend for the annual Sweet 16 presented by On The Radar Hoops. This has become the premier event in Georgia with clubs from each shoe-circuit present in addition to elite independents all facing-off under one roof at the Lakepoint Sports Complex.

With plenty of nationally recognized prospects taking the court, there was no shortage of star power in the building. But the platform also provided opportunity for the following under-the-radar gems to take advantage of the spotlight.


Quante Berry (6’3/2022/BMaze Elite)

We’ve been high on Quante for quite some time so his standout performance came as no surprise. But his abilities are very undervalued to most other publications and it’s a bit baffling. Berry was at his best in ballscreen action where he thrived as both a scorer and a facilitator. He punished the opposition for going under screens and utilizing drop coverage by hitting pull-ups from distance and midrange. When facing a switch or blitz coverage, the talented junior found the roll-man for easy buckets at the rim. Versatile and skilled enough to play off-ball, Quante also flourished as a floor-spacing shooter that hit catch-and-shoot jumpers. He was a blur in transition, using his tremendous open court speed to beat defenders down the floor before finishing at the rim. We currently have Berry as a 4-star prospect and he will undoubtedly crack the top 100 of our initial 2022 rankings when released this Summer. His combination of ballhandling, playmaking and perimeter shotmaking ability make him one of the most coveted point guards in the country.


Malik Dia (6’8/2022/Team Thad)

This weekend was our first live viewing of Malik and there’s a lot to like here. He goes about 6’8 with a solid frame and plus length. Athletically, Dia moves pretty well and gets off the ground rather easily with good body control in the air. While we like his physical gifts, the most intriguing part of his game is his perimeter stroke. Malik buried multiple jumpers from beyond the arch and the elbow area while displaying one-motion mechanics with a high-release point in what is a really fluid looking shot. Malik proved to be capable of handling the ball for a few dribbles and has some tools to work with in terms of ball skills. He runs the floor well and is a legitimate lob threat in transition. Defensively, he did a good job of bumping the opposition off their spots before coming up with blocks. Dia has entered our database as a three-star prospect and we look forward to seeing more of him this Summer.


MJ Collins (6’3/2022/Team Curry)

It’s rather surprising that there isn’t more buzz about MJ on the national scene after his outing in Atlanta. MJ proved to be one of the best pure shotmakers at the entire event over the weekend. Whether it was off the dribble or the catch, Collins’ jumpshots found the bottom of the net consistently. He’s adept at making jumpers from three and the midrange area with ease. And while he’s a scoring guard at his core, there were some flashes of vision as a passer that may suggest a playmaking role down the line. With a premium on shooting in modern basketball, MJ excels with perhaps the most valuable skill to college coaches and he’s now a 3-star prospect in our database because of it.

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