KYDA Invitational Stockrisers: Part II

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Scranton, Pennsylvania was the weekend destination for the KYDA Invitational. This was a loaded event with clubs from multiple shoe-circuits present in addition to elite independents all facing-off under one roof at Riverfront Sports.

With plenty of nationally recognized prospects taking the court, there was no shortage of star power in the building. But the platform also provided opportunity for the following under-the-radar gems to take advantage of the spotlight.


Denver Anglin (6’2/2022/NY Rens)

Anglin is a certified shooter, that much is without question. Denver gets great lower body lift, with one-motion mechanics, nice arch and a lightning quick release. The standout junior consistently buried jumpers from all over the court while comfortably displaying range out to 28 feet. What makes Anglin a special shotmaker is the ability to hit tough shots off the dribble. He has a lethal pull-up game from both midrange and distance. He punished drop coverage defense in ballscreen action by raising up and splashing triples. Is isolation situations, Denver created his own shot by making defenders backpedal with dribble penetration + stopping on the drop of a dime and elevating for 18 footers. He’s one of the most versatile and consistent shooters we’ve viewed in the 2022 class. High-majors in need of a perimeter shotmaker with the versatility to create his own offense while also excelling as an off-ball floorspacer should definitely have eyes on him.


Barry Evans (6’7/2022/Team Melo)

Going into the weekend, we didn’t have any familiarity with Evans, but he definitely made a favorable impression. At a lengthy 6’7, Barry is a great athlete with quick-twitch explosion as a leaper off 1 or 2 legs, while possessing good agility + lateral movement. That level of athleticism played out on both ends of the court. As a finisher, the Baltimore-native easily elevated over defenders before finishing with authority. Defensively, he was superb as an isolation defender on the perimeter and the post. Evans repeatedly beat ballhandlers to the spot and was able to block layup attempts and jumpers, while also protecting the rim against back-to-the-basket players on the block. Barry thrived as a playmaker for others in the half-court offense, collapsing the defense with dribble penetration before hitting teammates with dumpoffs once helpside defense arrived. Evans is a superb athlete with tons of versatility on both ends of the court, capable of defending 3 positions while providing some on-ball playmaking and high-level finishing as a slasher.


Brett Rumpel (6’4/2022/City Rocks)

Speed is the name of the game for Rumpel. He possesses good straight line speed in the open court and nice first-step acceleration against a half-court defense. Brett was able to consistently get a step on his defender because of it and that allowed his vision to be on full display. The 6’4 lead guard picked apart the defense with hit-aheads in transition and dumpoffs in the half-court once the opposition brought help defense to cut off his driving lane. Rumpel also did well for himself as a finisher, finishing through contact on multiple occasions and using his size to bully his way to the rim. While he plays at a frantic pace, he was never out of control and rarely turned the ball over. D1s that prefer a bigger lead-guard with good playmaking ability will want to have him on their radar.

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