An Introduction to 2023 Tre Norman: Boston Guard Is One To Track

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Worcester Academy sophomore Tre Norman is one of the most skilled perimeter prospects on the east coast despite a lack of national attention.

“I’m an aggressive playmaker and have a high court IQ, especially when I’m playing with guys I’m comfortable with. I like to drive and control pace off the dribble. I can shoot and have a pull-up game. I like to take advantage of my strength on the block against smaller guards, just the definition of a big guard.”

We concur with Tre’s self-assessment, as he’s a shot-creator that buries jumpers off the bounce with the ability to bully smaller guards in a sturdy 6’3 frame.

Norman is beginning to pick up steam on the recruiting trail, as Bryant became the first program to extend an offer in May.

The versatile guard isn’t close to getting serious about his recruitment just yet, but the academic component is one that will be very influential when it comes time to make a decision.

“Distance isn’t a factor, I actually want to go out of state for college. Somewhere that fits culturally. I’m big into Black History, one of my teachers really sparked my interest in it, so a school that offers a major in that field is big. On the basketball side, I want to go to a school that isn’t overly-hyped but can help me develop my game in hopes of being a pro one day.”

For now, Tre is focused on continued improvement of his on-ball abilities and making physical gains.

“I want to improve at becoming more of a leader, working on my ballscreen game and getting more athletic.”

We like Norman as a mismatch guard that can hit perimeter shots while taking advantage of his combination of size/strength/handle to get to the rim and finish. While he’s a bit under the radar to the mainstream media, he should get tons of eyes on him during his sophomore campaign playing with top 100 guard Dasonte Bowen at Worcester Academy.



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